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Emergency Electrician Service Portsmouth

Storage Heaters

Power showers

Security Alarms

Test Certificates

Emergency Electrician

We are able to respond immediately, to a variety of emergency situations!

Of course, a quick intervention allows to minimize the inconvenience and limits the damages deriving from a prolonged power failure. Due to our staff of professionals scattered throughout the territory,  Emergency Electrician Portsmouth is able to cover all areas . As a result, we manage to intervene within a few minutes from the emergency call. Surely, this aspect has allowed the company to grow rapidly and become a point of reference throughout the territory of competence.

 If you need a 24-hour Electrician Portsmouth, call us at 02394200278.

So, call or book an appointment online for the following services:

– Storage heaters

– Power showers

– Security alarms

– Test certificates

– Electric Fault Finding

– Fuse Box Tripping

– Switch Tripping

– RCD Tripping

Emergency electrician 24 Hour


Customer Service:  02394200278                    Availability: 24H/7D               Supply and Solution

Electrician Portsmouth Emergency 24 HOURS

CALL US TO 02394200278. We are available 24 hours including holidays!

If you need a SOS emergency service in Portsmouth you can contact the Emergency Electrician Portsmouth 24 Hour. Certainly, a domestic electrical emergency should be managed calmly and efficiently. Therefore, an experienced and professional staff is at your disposal to intervene promptly and resolve any emergency in the safest way.

In fact we are all exposed to electrical faults that can become real dangerous emergencies. An emergency can be for instance, a fire caused by a short circuit or a superheated device and wiring section. Indeed, short circuits and overheating cables might soon turn into fires and the fire will expand very quickly if something is not done immediately. Therefore, to avoid a short circuit, it is very important to prevent overheating / humidity / corrosion, which are the causes of dielectric failure. Basically, it is necessary to separate the live parts and the insulating material from the structural frames / water pipes / gas pipes of different buildings. Also, in order to prevent short-circuit fires, it is necessary to install electrical fire alarms (fire alarms) in the necessary positions.

Storage heaters

In case your equipment has been in operation for more than ten years, then we can help you replace it because it might keep breaking down more often. Old heaters can cumulatively increase your repair costs not to mention cause inconveniences whenever they break down. However, if you need to repair your storage heater we can assist for the following problems:a broken bimetallic strip that happens when temperatures drop and then suddenly rise, a heater that doesn’t distribute heat uniformly in some rooms or parts of a room, loose connection on terminal blocks.

Power showers

We can help you solve any of the following issues like blockages that could lead to pulsing and obstructions created as a result of  the limescale accumulating either in the pipes or shower head. As well as common problem like  a nosy power shower, airlocks that block the water, non insulated pump, tepid water while shower can be solved with us.

Security alarms

Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to repair any security alarm in the market. In case your device needs a replacement, our expert will fully diagnose it and let you know whether it’s possible to fix it, or you need to replace it with a new one.

Test certificates

Remember that no matter how appealing it might be to get a certificate form a cheaper company, the certificate won’t be valid in case you need to use it to make a claim. We are a registered electrical services company, therefore we can issue you with a valid test certificate.

Emergency electrician

We are available 24/7 in order to provide any electrical repair. Therefore, if you need us to sort out your electrical problem at 2 am or 11 pm, count on us not to disappoint. Feel free to call Portsmouth Electrician.

Emergency Services 24 hour offered by our Emergency Electrician 24hr/7 in your local area cover.

We’re here for your electrical needs, from power to lighting – Give Us a Call at 02394200278


Just wow. I knew I was going to get a great service from Emergency Electrician Portsmouth, but they went above and beyond all my expectations. Domestic Electricians. Five stars!

Tommy Baker

By far the best part about Portsmouth Electrician is the great team they’ve put together. Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly. Reliable, Fast Response & Planned Electricians.

Brenda Cummings

Portsmouth Electrician is the best thing that has ever happened to my home. If I need an electrician I know where to find! Whatever the Job, There’s a Local Hero For That.

Russell Chamber

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