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Storage Heaters

Power showers

Security Alarms

Test Certificates

Emergency Electrician

We are able to respond immediately, to a variety of emergency situations!

24 hour electrician St Helens can come in handy in cases of emergency. Electricity has revolutionized the quality of our lives when it comes to providing power to run our home appliances. However, electricity can kill in a matter of minutes either through electrocution or fire. Therefore it helps to report any electrical issues that you might encounter as soon a possible to save lives and prevent loss of property.

 If you need a 24-hour Electrician St Helens, call us at 01744776807.

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– Storage heaters

– Power showers

– Security alarms

– Test certificates

– Electric Fault Finding

– Fuse Box Tripping

– Switch Tripping

– RCD Tripping

Emergency electrician 24 Hour


Customer Service:   01744776807                    Availability: 24H/7D               Supply and Solution

Electrician St Helens Emergency 24 Hours
CALL US TO 01744776807We are available 24 hours including holidays!

We conduct electrical inspection and testing as the final step in repairs. Our team never leaves your property until we’ve tested the work to ensure that you and your family are safe. Lack of testing can expose a property to secondary problems. If you live in an older property and haven’t upgraded your fuse board yet, it’s time you did, for it to work efficiently. We offer fuse boards upgrades in your area, and we’ll also provide you with information on how often you need to do the updates.

Storage heaters

We replace parts using high quality, trusted spare parts that are guaranteed to give you excellent service and value for your money. When you need to install a new storage machine, you can call us, and we will be on hand to serve you, and when you need routine checks, we will schedule that, so you are always ahead of your storage heater operation.

Power showers

If the pressure is not enough to draw water from your power source is not functioning well, you need an emergency electrician. Our qualified professionals are on hand 24 hours a day seven days a week to offer you our services. If the thermostatic valve is faulty, we offer a replacement from our high-quality brands at a cost that is friendly to your pocket.

Emergency electrician

When problems are detected during an electrical fault finding mission, our qualified professional will address it together with other looming problems, because we prefer to give you a final delivery. Your peace of mind is what drives us to be the best local electrician in your area. Next time when you are looking for an electrician near me do not be uncertain about calling on us.

Security alarms

If thieves or people with malicious intentions realize that you could be having a problem with your security systems, they could attack at your lowest point, and you may not be able to defend yourself. It is for this reason that we offer you 24-hour emergency services so that you don’t have to spend another minute invulnerability.

Test certificates

We are professionals with vast experience who prioritize your comfort and safety; so, do not hesitate to reach us when you need us to work for you. Habitual maintenance, checks and inspections will bring to the fore any looming problems and thus averting any emergencies in the future.

Emergency Services 24 hour offered by our Emergency Electrician 24hr/7 in your local area cover.

We’re here for your electrical needs, from power to lighting – Give Us a Call at  01744776807


Just wow. I knew I was going to get a great service from Emergency Electrician St Helens, but they went above and beyond all my expectations.

Tommy Baker

By far the best part about Electrician St Helens is the great team they’ve put together. Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly.

Brenda Cummings

Emergency electrician St Helens is the best thing that has ever happened to my home. If I need an electrician I know where to find!

Russell Chamber

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